Ever think about what your beloved pet does at home all by himself? Maybe you stay late at work or get home late at night every day not getting any time with your pet. Things like this can be really stressful sometimes.

But not to worry, Petcube Play is here to save the day. Petcube Play is an interactive camera that will allow you to monitor and even interact with your beloved pet from anywhere!

Pretty cool, right? This gadget is full of features. Let's take a closer look at them first.

Key Features


The video quality of the camera is extraordinary. With a crystal clear HD view of 1080p, you'll see even the tiniest detail from your phone.

Other than the crisp view you’ll also get night vision with a wide view of 138 degrees. So, you'll be able to see everything even in low light or night time! The infrared LED view is really great and will help you see clearly even in the darkest room.

Photos and Videos

The best part about this device is that you'll be able to capture high-quality photos of your pet without any problems. Also, the option to record videos along with it makes it the perfect surveillance device.

Audio Support

The Petcube Play comes with high-quality microphones and speakers. You'll be able to hear any sound they make or even talk to them through the speakers when you miss them. They might get startled at first but they'll get used to it.

The Smartphone App

You’ll be controlling everything with an app solely designed for Petcube play. From monitoring to controlling, speaking or listening everything will be done with just this one app. It's going make all of this process really easy for you.

The interface of the app is well organized and smartly designed. The app seems to have a stable connection even over a weak network connection.

Another great feature of this app is that it allows you to monitor other animals from the shelter before adopting them. A great way to choose a perfect companion! Unfortunately, the app only supports one device. So, you'll have to settle for it until they upgrade it to multiple devices.

Laser Toy

This is one of the best features of Petcube. The interactive laser pointer comes with the camera, and you can control it to play with your pet from anywhere.

All you have to do is to tap your phone screen and then move your finger along it. The laser pointer will move along with your finger, and you'll get a play date with your furry friend.

Motion Alert

You'll get alerted whenever your pet is in the view of the camera. Besides this, other sounds like barking or meowing will also send you alerts immediately.

The responsive time is really fast.

Cloud Service

Wondering where the video recordings are? Well, the Petcube Play cloud service is the destined storage for all video recordings. You’ll be able to playback any amount of videos from here.

No extra worries about storage space or losing your phone and never seeing those videos again. All will be saved in a safe cloud space only reserved for you. You can subscribe to their 3, 10 or 30 days of subscription packages.

This way you can go back to any day and see their whereabouts from the footage.

Auto Recording

Another cool feature is the auto recording. After any activity, it will auto record up to a certain time. There are usually three modes for that.

  • Recording and sending a notification.
  • Recording and not sending a notification.
  • No recording or sending any notification.

petcube play pet camera

Pros of the Camera

  • HD Camera: The quality of the camera is really good.
  • Small Design: Small and cube-shaped design makes it go with any environment.
  • Fast Laser Pointer: The laser pointer is really responsive and helps you play from anywhere.
  • Easy Setup: The setup manual is quite easy to follow. No extra fuss.

Cons of the Camera

  • Cloud Storage Is Not Free: The cloud storage service is not free. You have to subscribe to their packages first and then you can save videos.
  • Strong Internet Connection: If you want high-resolution feed then you have to have a strong internet connection.

Miss your pet every day at work? Those days are over now. With Petcube Play, now you'll be able to stay close to your pet 24/7. Monitor, record, play all you want, Playcube will always be there to back you up.