Doesn't it break your heart to leave your beloved pet alone at home? Working for hours and not being able to know how they are doing can really be stressful. So, if you are really worried about your furry friend at home, Furbo Dog Camera can be an easy solution to all your worries.

Furbo Dog Camera is a one of a kind pet surveillance camera that will allow you to monitor your pet anytime! Want to know more about this wonderful gadget? Let's take a look at all of its wonderful features.

furbo dog camera

Furbo Dog Camera Features

The gadget is best suited for dogs with its camera feature and feeding design. This wonderful product can be your way to look after your furry friend at home.

Its special features include:


First of all, the quality of this camera is extraordinary. It's located on the very top of the device that also comes with a microphone and speaker. So, talking with your pet or even listening their sound is no big deal anymore.

With a 1080p resolution, you will be able to monitor anything within its reach. Another best part is that it comes with an integrated LED night vision. Therefore, you'll be able to monitor your pets even at night time!

Want to get a closer look at what they are doing? The 4x digital zoom will allow you to notice even the smaller details. The camera has a wide-angle view of 160 degrees.

Smart Dog Barking Alerts:

This is another unique feature that comes with the product. It will immediately send out a notification to your smart device whenever your dog barks. This will definitely come in handy during a crisis.

The Treat Tosser:

It will not just give your dog treats, but it will toss those in the air for your dog to catch.

Calling Before A Treat:

You can call your pet before the treat. Furbo will let you record your voice and then play right before it throws the treat.

Mobile app:

The app is really easy to use. The home screen will let you see what your beloved pet is up to. There's a camera option for you to take a photo or even record a video. You will also see a microphone icon, which will let you talk to your dog.

You will be able to toss the treats using the toss button on the screen. A complete package altogether.

Online Sharing:

Any photo or video you take with the app will be available for online sharing. You can share the photos on Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, via email or SMS.

furbo dog camera - features

Pros of the Product

  • Unique Design: The design looks extraordinary. Very impressive design with the wooden cap and glossy white body that fits anywhere around the house.
  • Easy Setup: It’s just as they claim. It only takes 5-7 minutes to setup this. The instructions are really easy to follow. No worries there.
  • User-friendly App: The Furbo app is really easy to use. Simple UI, no complex configuration.
  • HD camera: The quality of the video is really 1080p. Not a little less than what they claim.
  • Calling Your Dog: The speaker works perfectly, which allows you to speak to your dog anytime you want.
  • Night Vision: The camera works really well in low light or no light situations. You will be able to detect the tiniest movement with this one.
  • Faster Alerts: The app will alert you right away when your dog starts barking. The response time is really fast and with no false alarms.

Cons of the Product

  • Connection Gets Unstable: It needs to be connected to the internet for getting alerts. But sometimes the connection gets unstable. So, you might not be able to monitor them. The video gets really cloggy, and the microphone doesn't work.
  • Treat Size: The design is made for only an optimal treat size. So, putting other sized treats gets caught up in the machine and doesn't come out. This can become a problem. As you have to find treats of the optimal shape.
  • Capacity: The device is quite small and so is the capacity of holding treats. Usually, it's more or less than 30 treats. It's a letdown if you want more treats for your dog.

Overall, Furbo Dog Camera is really a unique device and one of the best-selling products on Amazon. If you are one those who have a busy life with a lovely dog waiting at home, then this product is definitely for you.