These simple garden projects are an excellent to get the youngsters outside, amused and far from the TV or pc screen. All of the activities are appropriate for kids of school age, however it’s simple to tailor them to suit older or younger kids. very little ones can would like a small amount of additional facilitate and guidance, whereas the additional full-grown up is given coming up with and decision-making responsibilities, and therefore the use of tools admire hand drills and shears.

Browse our suggestions for garden projects for children, below.


1. Store colourful containers

  These instant container displays are simple to plant and can quickly fill the house allotted to them. Let your youngsters opt for plants from the seasonal displays at the garden centre, then use a cheerful pot to match. opt for either a colored plastic pot or paint a terracotta pot with a brilliantly coloured paint – if your kids are the right age they may facilitate with this. guarantee there are emptying holes within the base, then add multi-purpose compost till it’s common fraction full. take away the plants from their pots and place them on the compost – prepare into a good display. Fill in around the roots with a lot of compost and firm in well. Water the plants in an exceedinglynd place the pot in a sheltered, sunny spot. still water often over summer and pinch off pale flowers to encourage more to grow. 

colorful containers


2. Twig teepee

Encourage your children to make AN adult-free space, mistreatment branches stacked against a wall, fence or tree. facilitate them organize the branches to create walls that are dense so that they give privacy and with a gap that’s simply wide enough for them to crawl through. Older kids can relish coming up with the den and will attempt building a separate one too.

twig teepee

3. Collect seeds

Plants and crops are explosive into flower everyplace at this point of year. If you permit some to travel to seed, kids can make merry recognizing them within the garden and collecting them for sowing next year. Show them the way to burst seedpods and shake seeds from ripe seedheads. They will then have fun planning and creating paper seed packets to store them in.

collect seeds


4. Making terrarium from unused jar

Glass jar gardens are the right size for tiny hands. Let your kids choose an array of succulents from the garden centre. Place gravel within the base of an outsized jar, prime with a layer of compost, then lower in the plants and organize into a display. Firm in with fingers or a pencil. Add a bit water, and a layer of gravel to carry in the moisture. Stand the jar on a bright indoor windowsill.



5. Pond in a pot

Container lakes are simple to form and youngsters can love obtaining wet and muddy, particularly on a hot summer’s day. They’ll conjointly attract birds and insects, so ought to offer some quiet wildlife-watching time too. Use a large, shallow instrumentation with no drain holes, and add a range of pond and marginal plants, and an oxygenator to assist keep the water clear. Container it in an exceedingly very little shade, instead of fully sun, and keep the water screw-topped up.

Pond in a pot

Pond in a pot