Do you find it hard to get fish for dinner? Do you have less supply of veggies? Or do you dread the thought of buying veggies in the marketplace for fear that they are stuffed with chemicals? Worry no more, the fish and veggies you desire are within reach through the use of Aquaponic gardening.

Aquaponics at a Glance

Aquaponics is basically the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture; it is the raising of fish and growing plants in the water without soil, in one integrated system. The fish waste provides the plants with essential organic matter while the plants naturally filter water in which fish thrive in.

Process Involved

The cycle is facilitated by a bacteria known as microbes. The bacteria converts ammonia found in the fish waste into nitrite and then into a useful form of nitrogen called nitrate. Nitrate is then absorbed by the plants which boost growth. The fish waste is also converted into vermicompost which acts as a source of food for plants.

Fish and Plants That Can Thrive in This System

Indoor aquaponics system can support any type of freshwater fish. Many aquaponics gardeners raise tilapia. However, trout and catfish can also thrive in this system. Well, if you are not interested in such type of fish, you are still covered. Any type of decorative freshwater fish can thrive in indoor aquaponics system; goldfish and koi being the most recommended.

There are numerous types of plants you can grow in your backyard or indoor aquaponics garden. The only existing limitation is plants that thrive in an acidic environment such as blueberries since the systems stay at a fairly neutral pH.


  • Aquaponic gardening facilitates home fish farming. You will always have the supply when you need it.
  • It embraces organic farming. Therefore, you consume food free from harmful chemicals and also plants and fish are free from such chemicals.
  • They are scalable. They can fit your current and future budget and in small or wide areas.